Is Your Spouse Cheating You?

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  • When it needs some clarification

Does your spouse tell you every day that there was a lot of work to do? Does your spouse continue to say it every day with a tone of indifference? If so, you are probably thinking something unusual is going on. It will be better to ascertain whether your spouse was really in the office or any other places on that time or whether your spouse was cheating you.

  • Love at the mirror

Has your spouse become preoccupied with self- beauty? Your spouse may constantly be in front of the mirror making some finishing touches in their appearance. This is a clear indication of how your spouse is addicted to another. When your spouse goes outside, if he/she usually tries to cover where he/she was going to, then there may be something unusual. Be cautious. Never allow your spouse to stay away from you if you see no reason in staying away.

  • You are changing your life

Your activities in the bedroom may be a failure. You intentionally say that you have a headache or you are tired. In some other cases, the spouse may try to compel the mate to do something uncomfortable in the bedroom.  You are not ready to deal with the changes your spouse shows in the bedroom. The result is a conflict that may conquer you very slowly. Sometimes it could explode with all its might. That is what happens in most of the families having no strong bond between the mates. Try to adjust with your partner. If your attempt to make the spouse more faithful fails, you both can consult a marriage counsellor.

  • Emotional withdrawal, an unlucky event

Your spouse may fail to show you what she/he has in mind. You too may fail to understand your partner. You may find no time to talk with each other, to make love, to find pleasure in the bedroom. One of you may find it very interesting to talk about official matters, business problems, etc. But the other spouse would like to find pleasure from sex. He/she always try to make you understand by revealing what they think without expressing it directly. You may fail to listen. Who will take responsibility? You will have to discuss this before your marriage ends in divorce.

  • Will you find something comfort in someone?

Your spouse is not friendly towards you. He/she prefers to hang out with someone else. But at the same time, she/he tries to make you understand that the friend is just a friend only, and no other business. Your spouse always seems gloomy and distracted. He/she may tell you that going out alone would bring pleasure. She/he hates going on a family vacation or fails to take domestic responsibilities. Do you think that your marriage is in trouble? Your life may be under the threat of conflict. You both are going to live without peace.

  • Telephone signals

Do you know that you can know all things about your spouse’s cheating behaviour when you start looking at the telephone bill paid by your spouse? If you tend to find one number that is continuously called by your spouse, and if the same number is the reason for the high amount of the bill, you can grasp what was going on. Instead of finding fault with your spouse, try to adopt a standard way to eliminate this relationship.

  • Dishonesty

If dishonesty is the main problem in your life, you can do one thing. The activities your spouse normally likes or the place your spouse normally likes to go has to be researched to prove that what you had been thinking about your spouse is really right. So before you question your spouse, always make sure that your doubt is 100% correct.

  • Money talks

Your spouse is continually monopolising the bank account. Your spouse is not ready to accept what you are saying about financial problems in the family. He/she personally uses more money without accepting what you say. Your spouse tends to pay for some missing bills or strange bills. These are all facts to prove that money discussions may lead to severe marriage problems.

  • Road Signs

You distrust your spouse if their car is extremely cleaner than usual, and if the gas expense is higher than usual, and if mileage on the car is several times higher than what you have expected.

  • Before the wicks get a spark

A serene pond’s deep area will not be calm. So keep on it. You may be running the risk of divorce. You will not be aware of it at first. Suddenly you hear from your spouse that he/she is going to leave you.  He/she will not hesitate to uncover the real cause of it. You will not be conscious about it at first. When you know all about it, the boat will have reached the other bank. Fear the spark. Sometimes it may become a flame, and later a fire. Beware of cheating.


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