Extramarital Affairs Plays Very Important Role in Marriage Conflicts


1. Serial affairs


The best way to find your spouse’s emotional response to your sexual behaviour is to check whether he/she gets pleasure from you. If the response is not vigorous enough to attract them, then you may think that there is something wrong with you or your spouse. If you are not interested in finding a solution, it may be a reason as to why your spouse seeks infidelity leading to extramarital affairs.

If your spouse is not satisfied with your act of lovemaking, he/she may be looking to only please themselves. They may think that getting a little pleasure or unsatisfied sex from one side is not such a big thing. They don’t take it seriously, and the result will be your spouse’s unending thirst for pleasure.

If your loved one is told to give you more pleasure than what she/he can do for you, a peculiar kind of anxiety and complication may conquer the mind, leading to a dampening of excitement. Understand your partner. Understand his/her way of sex.  You can do nothing more than that.


2. Flings


This is another type of sexual act in which an innocent flirtation may go on just for a small period of time. Sometimes it may go on uninterruptedly. Even a one-time act of infidelity may occur, depending on the available circumstances.  You may take part in a business conference, political junkets, etc. You may be away from your home because of business. You may come across you colleague in a similar situation. It all depends on the circumstances.


3. Romantic love affairs


This type of emotional attachment may be due to the allegiance to their lovers, making the marriage with your partner more difficult to continue. With the spouse deciding to switch their allegiance to their lovers, what is expected in their married life is nothing but divorce. This type of affair may cause a lot of trouble in a marriage.


4. Long-term affairs


This is totally different from all other affairs mentioned above.  Here, the lover will find a place in another’s married life, sometimes with the knowledge of the spouse, who hates it. Both the husband and the wife will find no harm in continuing their affair. They unwillingly grant it to continue.  The straying partner would still look after the needs of the spouse as well as get the benefit of having sex with someone else. There may be several reasons for this act such as lack of finance, political affairs, objection to divorce, etc.

Peace of mind is the target of your extra-marital affair. You are not going to get this as long as you are an irresponsible partner.


How to avoid cheating on your wife


Your cheating on your wife is a struggling experience, for which a lot of pain will be shed. Cheating on your wife means you are keeping a distance from the love provided by your wife, or your cheating tendency may be due to the indifferent attitude your wife shows, both emotionally and physically.

The problem of cheating may first occur when your husband thinks that you are not the person he is looking for. Because, love kept in the mind of a wife shows an inadequacy to express the power fully. The wife believes that she is smarter than her mate. Similarly, the husband too will have the same thought.

According to a recent Loveawake dating site survey the divorce rate is greatly increased in 2020. You and your spouse will not cope with each other’s actions in anything. You find fault with each other all the time. You cannot live even a single minute without finding fault with each other. All these temptations may compel you to go ahead with your plan to cheat your wife.

Look at the following things that will help you stay away from temptation.

What you have to do first is to avoid being tempted. Can you avoid the places where women dominate?

If your mind is focusing on some women even though you are not near them we can say that you are ruled by the temptation of loving other women instead of your spouse. You are at the danger level of thinking. You will need to exercise your mind to keep these thoughts at bay.

Both of you should try to spend more time enjoying the pleasure of love. Doing chores together to help each other will help the situation. Your cheating behaviour may be due to the actions of your wife. She may find it amusing to insult you in front of others, or ignoring you intentionally, or due to failure in part of the wife to build a good relationship with the husband. Don’t sit idly inside the house. Try to do fun things to make both of you happy. Having fun together means you are trying to build a bond by sharing with each other your ideas, views, opinions, dreams, activities, etc. Go out walking together. Let both of you talk to each other about your future plans. If objected by your mate, try to come to the conclusion that it may not work. If the bond between you and your wife is strong enough not to break, then the chance of cheating is nearly zero.

It is better to work out the problems with your wife. You may have some affairs with other women. You intend to have the affairs without revealing it to anybody. Your wife may sometimes have a little knowledge about it. But you categorically swear to her that this is not true. Your smooth running with your secret love will see an explosion in your marriage that will end in divorce. So have a mind to openly tell your wife about it before all it gets out of control.

Have a talk with your wife and what is more, a promise from you that you will be a new person. Try to ramp up the relationship with your wife. Think that marriage and further family matters are the measurement of your growth value. Sex is just sex. But the flames you’re going to light in the mind of your wife are evermore higher. Let all the troubles disappear quickly.  You must be free from all affairs.


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