Are You Brave Enough to Survive the Affair?

Can you get past your spouse cheating on you? Have you started to cheat on your spouse?  If so, you are headed in a dangerous direction. Suppose you and your spouse got married already, and you kept the affair secret till after your wedding.

Your decision as to what to do at this critical point might have a devastating effect in your life. So think it over before you come to a conclusion. Once you make the decision, it is better to stand by it.

If your spouse has a history of infidelity in marriage there may be something unusual behind the action. Either the opposite sex is mentally incapable of satisfying the mate in regards to sexual pleasure, or you may be emotionally or physically unfit to keep your mate satisfied, due to some unforeseen reasons that neither of you can explain.. Both of these situations are harmful to your marriage.

You may show some arousal towards your workmate, or you may be too friendly with your neighbour. Your way of thinking may be as pure as dew drop. Your arousal may not be due to your sexual awareness of that person. However, you may not be strong enough to save you acting on your desires. Your mind and thoughts are your strength. Don’t compromise on them. You must have faith in yourself. Life is precious. You have a responsibility to protect your spouse and children.


If you would like to survive infidelity, you have to go a long way before reaching the target. It is very hard. It will need a lot of time and patience. You can do it. You can establish your relationship with your spouse again. It is possible. Let your thoughts blossom. You can overcome all constraints with ease. You will definitely get back on the track of love.


What you have done to overcome all your emotional infidelity or what you have done to tide over the extra-marital affair, you will finally see the fruits of your labour. Your survival is definite if there is a way in your mind.


Is Infidelity a Major Reason for Marriage Conflicts?


Yes, we can say that it is one of the causes affecting a lot of marriages. The unfaithfulness to your spouse may bring a severe marriage conflict that may cause a devastating effect, leading to divorce.


Even if it is a case of cheating or adultery, more than half of marriages find a comfortable position in solving or surviving this stage. Loveawake dating site relationship experts Alex Wise says that about 25% of husbands show that given a chance, they would on their female partner. At the same time about 15% of wives would cheat on their husbands. In most of these cases, if the service of a counselor is used, there may be a good chance to solve it without compelling them to file for divorce.


Causes of Infidelity


A marriage may look beautiful. But what happens within is really a conflict. Causes of infidelity may be simple or severe. Any one or both spouses may be responsible for the situation.


The situation living in surrounding, unforeseen opportunities, lack of love, inadequate attention given to your spouse, boredom, anger, and so on may drive you towards infidelity. The sex-addicted spouse and disappointment in the marriage are other driving factors. If your expectation on sex does not rise to the occasion, any small deviation from your mind may lead to having an affair.


Causes of Marital Infidelity


The loss of ability to cope with the partner’s sexual needs may be cited as the best reason for it.


If one partner has unrealistic expectations about their partner, infidelity may take its root.


If you have motivation to work out something useful enough to satisfy your mate, it will be an added advantage so as not to compel your partner to seek someone else who will satisfy their needs.


Curiosity to having kinky sex may lead to failure of your sexual relationship and this may cause infidelity.


Some partners do not have a sense of fun in their sexual relationships. Such persons will not show any interest to take part in sex with the spouse. In such cases the unsatisfied mate will find some other way to find pleasure.


Busy life, boredom with the marriage and a weak relationship may be other reasons that may compel your opposite mate to utilise any chance they get during their life.


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